Hey all, this is my website (as the name suggests..) and it's here to provide a service of information about me for you all, 'cos i can't be bothered telling you all individually.. aha! I'm also bored right now.. oh yeah, this is unlikely to ever be updated again after today, I'm sure you'll all be surprised to know.

Ooo, look, some tables, aren't I such a good little website designer! All those people who actually think this is bollocks, don't bother saying anything, I'm young and easily upset.

Name: Patrick (No, I'm not fucking Irish, for the millionth time.. really! Nothing against Lewis, by the way)
Age: 15, although I'm much wiser than my years..hey, it's true!s
Interests: Football (my team's Spurs), a bit of web design, chatting on the 'net, hanging out with friends, music (all sorts of shit), computer games (I'm a loyal N64 owner - PS's are shit of course) .. all pretty typical stuff I reckon.
Where I live: Halifax, in Yorkshire.. it's pretty shitty.
Anything else...?: No.

I'll add some other bits of shit on here when i can, but I'm too tired right now.. or I just can't be arsed again.